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What is Instructional Design PLUS

Instructional Design PLUS includes everything on offer from Instructional Designs Basics, PLUS one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our Senior Instructional Designers. You will receive these three 90-minute coaching sessions after completing the:

  1. Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)
  2. High Level Design (HLD)
  3. Learning Materials (e.g. Facilitator Guide, Participant Workbook, Assessment Book, Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

Prior to the sessions, you will send your work, along with any questions or problem points, to your dedicated coach. They will review your materials and provide comments with constructive feedback. They will also identify areas for improvement and prepare discussion points, tips and/or additional resources that will support you to strengthen these areas. This personalised approach to learning ensures that the coaching sessions are targeted at your learning abilities and needs. This means that you will achieve better outcomes and more value from this course than you would other instructional design courses. The coaching sessions also provide opportunities for you to ask any questions and to confirm your understanding of effective learning design and use of the templates.

How our instructional design courses will set you up for success


Our Instructional Design PLUS course will prepare you for a successful career in instructional design by providing you with the fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills required of an Instructional Designer.

You will gain access to our ADDIE Toolkit – a set of guides and templates that walk you through the ADDIE Model to analyse learning needs, design a learning solution, develop learning materials, support implementation, and evaluate the effectiveness of a program.

One-on-one coaching, tailored to your needs, will help to maximise your learning and development through this course.

Your coach will:

  • Offer guidance and advice
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Help you to harness your strengths and build upon areas in which you can improve
  • Suggest further resources that could support your learning
  • Stimulate your thinking
  • Answer questions and clarify course content

Which of our instructional design courses is right for you?

We offer two instructional design courses:

  1. Instructional Design Basics
  2. Instructional Design PLUS

Both courses will set you up with instructional design knowledge and skills, along with a toolkit of guides and templates for you to use when designing and developing your own learning programs.

However, Instructional Design PLUS offers three one-on-one coaching sessions where you will be supported by one of our Senior Instructional Designers.

Whilst Instructional Design Basics provides a cheaper option, we believe the benefits that you will receive from the coaching sessions outweigh the additional cost – the Instructional Design PLUS course offers the best value for money.



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